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happinessWe live in really stressful time. There are so many things going on our mind and it seems that we don’t have time for ourselves and we find difficult to be happy. We go to work after we finish we go to another work, and when we come back home there is no time for rest. Housekeeping works, children and everything until the end of the day after you already have to prepare yourself for another day. It’s like a magic circle with no way out. Therefore more and more people catch themselves being depressed or unwilling to do anything. Sometimes we just feel like we are living just because we have to. But mustn’t be like that?

Happiness isn’t in your job, money or in the race for it. Happiness is in small things. Truthfully speaking this isn’t a cliché this is reality. If you lose connection with small things you will lose yourself and your happiness. What does that mean at all? How to be happy? 

happiness (1)It means that only you can make you happy. It is as matter a fact very easy. You just have to learn how to enjoy in everything you do. If you work too much, try to find a way to enjoy in your work. The best possible way to realize that is to choose a profession that you like. To make a good choice you just have to get known with yourself at first. Then you have to find a place for you and your abilities and qualification on the work market. You don’t want to be just another person that can’t find a good job that suits your desires.

If your desires and ambitions are higher than your abilities you are going to be very unsatisfied person. You just have to match your abilities and qualities with job offer on the market. Sometimes it’s very difficult to do but if you try enough you really succeed.

If you work too hard and you don’t have time for yourself try to find a way to enjoy your job. Sometimes it is just enough to love your work and everything is easier to accept when you love your job.

happiness-300x225A good organization is the key for everything. If you manage to organize yourself you will be surprised how much money you could spare. For the beginning by yourself an agenda and start writing down everything you have to do during the week. After a while you will find yourself in better mood because you will probably have time for normal regular sleep and then for everything else. Happiness goes with satisfaction and if you manage to satisfy yourself you will be definitely happier than now.

You can include music in your work and try to work everything with music because it’s scientifically proved that it can improved our state of mind and can affect our moods and in that play can improved our way of working. Music somehow turn on the plastic balls in our mind and the man can do anything if he thinks positively.